You are looking for a talent management firm that will partner with you, that will take the time to invest in understanding your business, your goals and your culture. We are that firm.

On-Boarding and Follow-up

At LCA, finding the right candidate isn’t the end of the process. Our clients work with us because we help them on-board our placements, and then we stay in touch. After 1, 3, 6, and 12 months, we reach out to see how things are going. Because you don’t just want to hire the right person, you want them to be part of your team, and you want someone to help you with that. And we do.


Some search firms think in terms of “butts in chairs”. We think in terms of “minds engaged” and “promoted within two years”. Our clients are looking for executive leaders who can help their team achieve their business goals today and into the future. In order to help ‎our clients accomplish this, we understand our client’s business goals and their competitive environment. In other words, we need to think like the hiring manager. And we do.


We have a lot of experience. We’ve done this many times. We know what we’re doing. But we need to invest a lot of time listening. And we do.


LCA isn’t all things to all people. We focus on industrial, technology and consumer durables companies. If that’s what you do, we’re a great fit. If not, we may not make sense for us to work together. We’re always willing to spend time seeing if we can help a new client, but we’re also always willing to tell you if we aren’t the right choice. Because you need us to tell the truth about when you should retain us. And we do.